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  • ITC Speed Test

    Want to know the actual broadband speed of your ITC network. Is it providing the internet speed as promised? Run a free ITC broadband speed test to measure the upload and download speeds on their network.

    What is ITC?

    ITC stands for Integrated Telecom Company, a Saudi-based telecommunication company established in 2005. 

    It is a subsidiary of Al Mawarid Group that consists of 27 subsidiaries engaged in 4 major business areas, including media and communications, investment services, projects, and trading.

    With time ITC becomes the fastest-growing telecom company offering next-generation ICT solutions for broadband, connectivity, cloud computing, managed services, security services, satellite services, and internet services to government, businesses, wholesale, and consumer sectors.

    ITC owns the license of DSP, ISP, and VSAT and has an independent infrastructure with two international landing stations in Jeddah and Al-Khobar that connects the Kingdom to the rest of the world through submarine cables.

    In 2007, the company contributed to establishing the Saudi Fiber Optic Network (SNFN) to connect all Saudi Arabia cities with a fiber-optic network, which extends over 17,000 km.

    It maintains strategic partnerships with market-leading technology gurus, including Cisco, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, PCCW, HP, NEC, Reliance, Red Line Communications, Level 3 Communications, Etisalat, OSN, and others.