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  • Mobily Speed Test

    Check the internet speed of one of the leading and fastest ISPs in Saudi Arabia, Mobily. Get its Broadband Speed Stats with our Mobily Broadband Speed Test service. Find out whether you get speeds as advertised by Mobily.

    What is Mobily?

    Saudi Mobily Company is a telecommunications services provider that offers fixed-line, mobile telephony, and Internet services using 4G and 5G under the Mobily brand name.

    It is the second mobile network operator in Saudi Arabia, started its mobile business in Saudi Arabia in May 2005, rival to Saudi Telecom's in the wireless industry, and acquired one million subscribers within 90 days of its launch.

    Within a year of its services launch, Mobily was recognized by the GSM World Association as one of the fastest-growing telecom providers in the Middle East and North Africa region.