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  • Bezeq Speed Test

    The Bezeq internet speed test is a valuable tool designed to assess and measure the speed of your internet connection. Whether you're troubleshooting slow connections or just curious about your current speeds, this tool provides accurate and real-time insights into your download, upload, and ping speeds.

  • How to Use the Bezeq Speed Test?

    Using the Bezeq internet speed test is very simple and easy. Follow these steps to know about the performance of your internet connection.

    Access the Tool

    Open the official Bezeq speedtest tool on

    Initiate the Test

    Once on the speed test tool's page, initiate the test by clicking the "Go" button. The tool will then begin measuring your internet speed.

    Wait for Results

    After a few seconds, the speed test Bezeq tool will analyze your download speed (how fast data is received), upload speed (how fast data is sent), ping (response time), and Jitter. These metrics are crucial for assessing the overall quality of your internet connection.

    Bezeq ISP Introduction

    Bezeq is an Israeli telecommunication company. Bezeq, with its subsidiaries (Pelephone, Walla!, and Yes), provides a wide range of telecommunication services, including fixed-line, mobile telephony, high-speed Internet, transmission, and pay-TV, to its users. In 1984, the company was established as a government-owned corporation.

    Before 1994, the company holds a monopoly status in Israel. But In 1994, Cellcom, a new Mobile communication company, was established, breaking Bezeq's monopoly. On May 9, 2005, Israel's Government Companies Authority privatized Bezeq when the state sold 30% of its shares to the Apax-Saban-Arkin investment group for $972 million.

    Despite the market competition, it is still the most dominant provider of Israel's telephone services and still holds a market share of 62.9 percent.

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