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  • Bezeq Speed Test

    Perform the Bezeq Broadband Speed Test. Check the internet connection speed of Isreal's most prominent ISP to measure its actual download and upload speeds.

    What is Bezeq?

    Bezeq is an Israeli telecommunication company. Bezeq, with its subsidiaries (Pelephone, Walla!, and Yes), provides a wide range of telecommunication services, including fixed-line, mobile telephony, high-speed Internet, transmission, and pay-TV, to its users. 

    In 1984, the company was established as a government-owned corporation. 

    Before 1994, the company holds a monopoly status in Isreal. But In 1994, Cellcom, a new Mobile communication company, was established, breaking Bezeq's monopoly.

    On May 9, 2005, Israel's Government Companies Authority privatized Bezeq when the state sold 30% of its shares to the Apax-Saban-Arkin investment group for $972 million. 

    Despite the market competition, it is still the most dominant provider of Israel's telephone services and still holds a market share of 62.9 percent.