• Average results for Vodafone
    65.35 Mb/s Download Speed
    14.39 Mb/s Upload Speed
    199.96 ms Ping Latency
  • Vodafone Internet Speed Test: Check How Fast Your Internet Is Working

    Fast internet is not only important for businesses but also for individuals that are in studies, freelancing, gaming, remote working, and others. But what if your Vodafone internet becomes slow while downloading a file?

    Or do your Wi-Fi signals start to drop continuously while taking an online class? Or you might be facing troubles while live-streaming your PUBG. What will you do? Wait for the internet connection to get better, and then restart your work?

    If yes, you need to stop wasting your time and get a Vodafone Idea Speed Test for your internet connection. It not only helps you in determining the speed and quality of your internet but also troubleshoot the problems that are causing slow and weak internet.

    Still confused? Let's move forward and dig a little deeper into the Vodafone Speed Test Internet tools. So, let's get started!

    Test Internet Speed Vodafone: A Basic And Quick Guide

    Vodafone Broadband Speed Checker is a tool-based test to measure how fast your internet can work. It allows you to calculate the downloading and uploading speed of your internet connection between your device and server, calculated in Megabits per second.

    Not only this, but Vodafone Speed Test gives you a clear image of your connections' quality and the services of your ISP. If you think you are not getting the right amount of data you are paying your ISP for, then this tool is quite beneficial for determining your internet quality.

    Moreover, getting a Test Internet Speed Vodafone is quick as it will take only 2 to 4 minutes to complete.

    Internet Speed Test Vodafone: What It Includes?

    Vodafone Broadband Speed is simple to run and takes only a few minutes to complete. It includes the following four tests:

    • Download speed test
    • Upload speed test
    • Ping
    • Jitter

    Let's talk about them in detail one by one.

    Download Speed Test

    This test is meant to measure the speed of your Vodafone internet connection to download files from the internet. It begins by locating a test server nearest to your location.

    Then your device is connected to the server, and small data files are downloaded from the server to your testing device.

    Meanwhile, the tool also measures the time taken by the internet to complete the tasks. After completion, the result is shown as MBs per second.

    Upload Speed Test

    This test measures the maximum speed of your Vodafone internet connection to upload files to the internet. It begins with the same process as downloading speed tests, locating and connecting to a test server near your device's location.

    Then the tool started to upload small data files from your device to the test server. At the same time, the tool also measures the time taken by your internet connection to upload the test altogether. After completion, the result is shown as MBs per second.


    This Speed Test Internet Vodafone test determines your internet connection's qualitative aspects. Measured in milliseconds, Ping is sometimes referred to as latency, and it measures the reaction time of your internet connection between the test server and your testing device.

    Ping is used to check the availability of your data's destination, which is probably your testing server in the Vodafone Internet Speed Test case.

    When your device sends packets of data, and a testing server receives them and sends a response back, the tool measures the time data takes to reach the server and its response time.


    Jitter is another diagnostic tool of Vodafone Internet Speed tool, meant to measure the problems causing weak and slow internet. It determines the time delay or fluctuations of internet signals.

    For example, you are watching a movie online, and it keeps loading and loading after 2 to 3 scenes. This loading period is caused due to Jitter. It could be due to high internet traffic, router or devices' hardware problems, or internet connection congestion.

    How To Conduct A Vodafone Internet Speed Test in My Area

    Whether your signals are dropping continuously or your internet is slower than expected, getting a quick Vodafone Broadband Speed Test is the ultimate solution. It is pretty simple and can take around 2 to 4 minutes.

    Step: 01: Open The Vodafone Speed Checker Tool In Your Browser

    Open the test tool on your testing PC or laptop. Vodafone Mobile Internet Speed Test tool is also available for smartphone and tablet users, whether Android or Apple. You can search for the test on Google or Safari or simply click here.

    Step: 02: Run The Vodafone Internet Speed Tool

    After loading the tool, you can observe a "GO" button in the middle of the page. Click on it to run the tool.


    The four symbols at the bottom of the image above indicate the upload speed, download speed, Jitter, and Ping, from the right.

    Step: 03: Allow The Vodafone Broadband Checker Tool To Show Results

    After running the test, the tool will take around minutes to show the results one by one, starting from Ping, Jitter, Download Speed, and Upload speed.

    vodafone-speedcheck 1

    So, this is how simple getting an internet speed and quality check is with the Broadband Speed Vodafone tool.

    What To Do Before Getting A Vodafone Internet Speed Test?

    Before taking the speed, make sure you have double-checked the following factors;

    1. Close all the applications, tabs, and browsers working in the background. They can slow down your internet, and you won't have accurate results from the test tool.
    2. Disconnect all other devices connected to other same internet connection. It can divide the internet signals and the strength of your internet connection.
    3. Restart your router/modem before taking the internet speed test. Refreshing the router significantly impacts the internet's speed.
    4. Also restart your testing device. The hard drive's functionality affects internet speed, connectivity, and quality.
    5. Before taking the test, ensure you are nearer to the router/modem device. If your Wi-Fi signal strength is strong, you will have the accurate test results of your tool.

    Wrapping Up

    So, this is how simple and beneficial getting a Vodafone internet speed test is. You can clearly see how fast your internet works within a few minutes. Not only this, but it helps in knowing the qualitative aspects also. Moreover, to ensure the accuracy of your internet connection, take the steps mentioned above and get reliable test results.

    So, Check Your Vodafone Internet Speed Now!

Download/Upload Speed

Speed Comparison

Averages Calculated Daily

Latest 20 Speed Tests

DATE Country Latency (ms) Jitter (ms) Download Speed (Kbps) Upload Speed (Kbps)
2022-07-02 Germany 10 2 92686 49073
2022-07-02 Germany 11 4 92637 49175
2022-07-02 Germany 28 3 94629 48575
2022-06-30 Portugal 6 1 87274 111061
2022-06-25 United Kingdom 11 2 37057 9293
2022-06-25 United Kingdom 11 3 36749 9066
2022-06-23 Spain 28 21 58570 17139
2022-06-20 Germany 82 21 59984 3855
2022-06-20 Germany 44 326 119575 2764
2022-06-20 Germany 27 186 115954 3447
2022-06-20 Germany 73 139 161123 5311
2022-06-20 Italy 48 7 5994 11639
2022-06-17 Italy 49 3 12896 9083
2022-06-15 United Kingdom 12 11 37033 7170
2022-06-15 United Kingdom 12 1 36971 7157
2022-06-15 United Kingdom 11 5 37084 7183
2022-06-15 United Kingdom 11 6 37134 7170
2022-06-15 United Kingdom 23 2 37415 7248
2022-06-15 United Kingdom 13 4 37134 7170
2022-06-15 United Kingdom 12 46 37091 7183
2022-06-15 United Kingdom 12 3 37094 7170

Fastest Cities for Vodafone

City Avg Download Speed (Mbps) Avg Upload Speed (Mbps) Avg Ping (ms)
Gerbrunn 1041 53 2
Beedenbostel 935 51 9
A da Rainha 924 204 0
Barsbuettel 923 44 2
Hochstadt an der Aisch 915 16 9
Ilten 913 51 2
Zitzschen 911 52 2
Manubach 910 52 2
Quindici 910 201 0
Sannicandro di Bari 909 207 0
Lipnik nad Becvou 907 49 1
Ruppertsweiler 906 45 1
Luhden 905 53 1
Kindsbach 904 51 1
Steinen 904 18 2
Alzey 903 53 5
Jedelhausen 902 39 2
Cerratina 902 207 0
Trautmannshofen 898 51 2
Barreiras 898 204 1