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  • Hyperoptic Speed Test

    Hyperoptic speed test is an online tool that provides the facility to check Hyperoptic Broadband internet speed. If you want to know the potential of your network, let’s get in touch with the speed test Hyperoptic tool to detect your net speed that covers download, upload, ping, and jitter speed. Undoubtedly, it’s a reliable tool that never works on assumptions and delivers accurate results.

  • How Does the Hyperoptic Internet Speed Test Work?

    Speed Test on Wired Devices

    • Connect your LAN cable with your device from the LAN port of the Hyperoptic internet modem.
    • Do not use other applications while testing your speed.

    Speed Test on Wireless Devices

    • Connect your wireless device with a Hyperoptic wireless connection.
    • Keep your device at the place where you receive strong wifi signals.

    Now let’s follow these steps to find out the working of a speed test tool.

    Step 1: Turn off Wireless Devices

    The first thing is to switch off all your wireless devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and cameras connected to your internet to begin a speedtest Hyperoptic tool.

    Step 2: Close Heavy Apps on Your System

    After you turn off the devices, make sure you also close heavy file-sharing apps and anti-virus software that consume your broadband. It’s a basic step to conduct a Hyperoptic broadband speed test.

    Step 3: Access Speed Test Hyperoptic Tool

    It is the actual step where you head towards a speed test process after contacting to access the tool via the link:

    Step 4: Initiate Your Speed Test

    The most crucial part of the process is to click on the ‘GO’ button to begin the Hyperoptic test. Once you press the button, it will initiate the speedtest Hyperoptic process.

    Step 5: Get Results

    The last step is to see the Hyperoptic speed check tool’s result report on your screen shortly after you launch the test. However, the test contains detailed insights about your network connection’s performance.

    Products and Services

    Hyperoptic is a reputed UK-based telecommunications company that offers internet services to a wide range of customers. The company has earned a creditable reputation in the United Kingdom and offers top-notch broadband services. Here are some top products and services offered by Hyperoptic!

    Hyperoptic Broadband Bundle Options

    Hyperoptic offers amazing broadband bundle options to customers who want simple internet services and this service is specifically designed for domestic users. However, this ultrafast service offers terrific results and customers love this bundle option.

    Hyperoptic Fibre Network

    Hyperoptic broadband also offers a fabulous fiber network at ideal speed. Customers love to use broadband packages that deliver lasting speeds ranging from 50Mbps to 1000Mbps. It helps users to enjoy smooth uploading and downloading throughout the week. With this, they also entertain at home with 4k streaming and that’s wonderful.

    Hyperoptic Sky TV

    Hyperoptic also offers a Sky TV facility to users who look for a variety of channels over the web. Using this TV option, users watch their favorite programs and get access to a wide range of channels.


    Is Hyperoptic better than Fibre Optic?

    Hyperoptic uses special technology called fiber optics to provide internet that's faster than regular fiber optic services. The uploading and downloading speed is usually the same in a fiber internet connection.

    Why is Hyperoptic slow?

    Hyperoptic may seem slow due to high internet usage during peak hours or equipment issues. You should check your speed with the Hyperoptic internet speed test tool in the evening and morning, if you are facing the same issue then contact the support team.

    What is the peak time for Hyperoptic?

    Peak times for Hyperoptic typically coincide with evenings from 9 PM to 12 PM when more users are online, potentially leading to slower speeds due to increased network activity.

    What is the speed of the Hyperoptic Internet?

    Hyperoptic offers speeds ranging from 30Mbps to 1Gbps verified by the Hyperoptic speed test, depending on the package you choose and your location.

    Is Hyperoptic faster than Virgin?

    Hyperoptic can offer faster speeds compared to some Virgin Media packages, especially in areas where Hyperoptic's full-fiber network is available, providing competitive internet speeds. You can also use the Virgin speed checker tool to measure the quality of your internet.

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