• Average results for I-Cable
    645.08 Mb/s Download Speed
    675.44 Mb/s Upload Speed
    3.57 ms Ping Latency
  • I-Cable Broadband Speed Test

    What is Internet?

    Internet is a large network of computers connected with each other through wires or wireless connections. It is a network of computers which transfer data between each other for the purpose of information sharing and resource sharing, communication, and data sharing. Hundreds of thousands of computers can be connected to a single computer at one time through internet and can send or receive data between each other. Example includes websites which get millions of visitors and those websites run on server computers which are permanently connected to internet 24/7 and can transfer GB's of bandwidth per second.

    What is Internet Speed Test?

    Internet speed test is a measurement of a data transfer rate per second of your internet connection. This data transfer rate is calculated by first finding the nearest internet connected server from your computer, and then transferring the MBs of data between both computers. The speed at which this file transfers between both computers is the actual internet connection speed and this speed varies due to various factors involved in data transfer.

    What is I-Cable Speed Test Service?

    I-Cable speed test is performed by performing various speed tests using your I-Cable internet connection. This happens when our speed test service sends a chunks of bytes to I-Cable's nearest server. Firstly, we perform a download test in which chunks of bytes are downloaded from remote server to your computer and the transfer rate of downloading that file is measured, this is called Download speed test. Next is I-Cable upload speed test which is performed by uploading random chunks of bytes from your computer to the nearest server and the transfer rate is checked accordingly. When both of the tests are performed, the results are calculated and shown.

    What Factors affects the internet speed?

    Various factors affects the internet speed of your internet connection, some of those are latency, jitter, download speed, upload speed, weather, distance from connected computer, and more. The latency is the response time of a server that is the time in which first byte of data is received on each request. Download speed is the rate at which a file downloads to your computer, Upload speed is the rate at which a file uploads to any server from your computer. The weather conditions effects the internet in a way that if your internet connection is wireless, it will be effected by extreme weather because the signals gets weaker due to storms and rains or too much of a heat. The wired internet connection also sometimes gets effected by weather in those circumstances where the cable is damaged and or the loose connectors between your nearest DB and your home/office.

    Why you need to check your I-Cable connection speed?

    You need to check your I-Cable internet connection speed because sometimes the promised connection from your ISP may differ from your actual internet speed just by mistake. So, to verify your actual speed with what you are paying for should be kept in mind. Our speed test tool will make it easy for you to check your speed instantly.

    What our speed test tool offer?

    Our speed test tool offers you a variety of tests for different ISPs. You just have to click the start button and our tool will automatically start the download and upload speed tests and will also measure various other parameters involved in your network speed. The final result of the test will uncover your jitter, latency, download speed, upload speed, and your isp name and country.

    What should i do before taking I-Cable speed test?

    Before taking a speed test, please check if your internet connection is not being used by someone else in your local network, or close any programs which may be using your internet connection bandwidth, because if your internet is being used by other programs then the speed test will not give desired results and will show slow connection speed due to slow transfer of data between our server and your computer.

    How to take speed test?

    Just click "start" button and the test will start automatically without any interruption.

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Latest 20 Speed Tests

DATE Country Latency (ms) Jitter (ms) Download Speed (Kbps) Upload Speed (Kbps)
2020-06-20 Hong Kong 11 3 79907 9614
2020-06-19 Hong Kong 2 0 933995 897136
2020-06-19 Hong Kong 2 1 914979 913890
2020-06-19 Hong Kong 1 3 915010 897828
2020-06-19 Hong Kong 1 2 825381 752162
2020-06-19 Hong Kong 2 1 917295 888099
2020-06-19 Hong Kong 2 2 909019 894484
2020-06-18 Hong Kong 12 12 22395 9254
2020-06-16 Hong Kong 2 2 813294 925085
2020-06-16 Hong Kong 2 2 819684 934588
2020-06-14 Hong Kong 4 1 93465 94875
2020-06-13 Hong Kong 13 8 3804 2341
2020-06-11 Hong Kong 7 3 186940 9583
2020-06-11 Hong Kong 8 3 191191 9623
2020-06-11 Hong Kong 8 3 188806 9481
2020-06-10 Hong Kong 9 6 93962 8119
2020-06-10 Hong Kong 9 1 94343 8001
2020-06-10 Hong Kong 2 2 926607 943028
2020-06-08 Hong Kong 2 1 509323 845532
2020-06-08 Hong Kong 4 0 849033 947891
2020-06-08 Hong Kong 4 0 705906 925510

Fastest Cities for I-Cable

City Avg Download Speed (Mbps) Avg Upload Speed (Mbps) Avg Ping (ms)
Ting Kau 714 832 2
Shuen Wan 696 799 3
Chai Wan 535 482 1
Sham Tseng 468 842 2
Tsz Wan Shan 458 488 4
Kwun Hang 418 333 1
Kwai Chung 317 473 3
Central 238 317 13
Ha Tsuen 233 110 2
Fo Tan 225 186 3
Tsuen Wan 196 161 16
San Tung Chung Hang 193 288 1
Lai Chi Wo 156 138 1
Wan Tsai 155 9 3
Tin Shui Wai 143 113 2
Tiu Keng Leng 135 89 25
Central District 120 53 66
Tai Kok Tsui 110 19 6
Sam Tung Uk 110 75 9
Yuen Long 100 1 76