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  • Telkom Speed Test

    What speeds am I getting from my Telkom broadband? Is it the same, as promised? Run a Telkom Broadband Speed Test to check the actual speeds and compare your results with its average download, upload speeds, and latency rate.

    What is Telkom?

    Telkom SA SOC Limited is a semi-privatized and leading South African wireless and wireline telecommunications provider. 

    They are operating in more than 38 countries across the African continent. The state owns 39% of its shares.

    South Africa launched its mobile operations in 1994, underwritten by Telkom in partnership with Vodafone. This subsidiary grew up with the name of Vodacom, but Telkom sold it in late 2008 due to its preference for a 3G network.

    Telkom SA is structured under Group CEO.

    • The retail division, including the Telkom Business, Telkom Mobile, Cloud, Consumer Marketing, and IT Operations. 
    • The Wholesale and Networks division (OpenServer).

    Telkom has about 12 million customers globally and offers some competitive and lowest price offerings in the market, focusing on mobile customers. Because of that, 70% of its customer base is data customers.