• Average results for Etisalat
    110.67 Mb/s Download Speed
    71.86 Mb/s Upload Speed
    3924.4 ms Ping Latency
  • Etisalat Speed Test: Check Your Internet Quality Instantly

    Suppose you purchased a 15 Mbps monthly internet package for your remote office work, but your internet speed is relatively slow, and the signals are continuously dropping.

    And you suspect your ISP is not providing you enough Internet according to the deal. What will you do in such a situation? Call your ISP and ask him about the internet connection?

    If your answer is yes, you are absolutely wrong because there is a smarter way to deal with it - an Etisalat internet speed test. By having a reliable, simple, and quick Etisalat Wifi Speed Test, you can check your internet speed, the quality of your connection, and the problem behind your slow, weak, and dropping signals.

    Still confused? No worries, let's dig a little deeper into the details!

    My Etisalat Speed Test: A Basic Rundown!

    A fast speed, strong signals, and good quality internet connection is a non-negotiable aspect of many people all around the globe, especially those associated with the IT profession, working from home, taking online classes, or running businesses. They all cannot afford to have a bad internet connection.

    And this is precisely where Internet Speed Test Etisalat jumps in and plays its role, as it is meant to check the speed and quality of the internet connection of the user and show them accurate results.

    Net Speed Test Etisalat is an online test of Etisalat connection users that works by running a few Internet checking tests and helps the user to determine how much Internet he is getting from the ISP. You can easily take this test on your smartphone or laptop.

    What Does Etisalat Speed Test Android Includes?

    The Wifi Speed Test Etisalat, whether taken into Android or Apple OS, through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, contains the following four different tests:

    • Download Speed Test
    • Upload Speed Test
    • Ping
    • Jitter

    Let's deal with them in little detail one-by-one.

    Download Speed Test

    A download speed test helps the user to determine how fast your internet connection can download data from the server. It begins by locating a server near your device's location and connecting to it. Then, the tool starts downloading small data files from the server to your device. At the same time, it also measures the time the Internet takes to download them. When the download is complete, the tool shows the result in seconds.

    Upload Speed Test:

    The upload speed test is also a significant part of the Etisalat Test Speed checking process, similar to the download speed test. But the only difference, i.e., it works by uploading the files from the device to the server instead of downloading.

    So, the beginning is the same: locating and connecting to the nearest device location server. Then, the tool uploads small data files from the device to the server, meanwhile measuring the time taken to complete the upload. After completion, the results are shown in terms of seconds.


    The Ping and Jitter of Speed Test Etisalat Ae are meant to measure the quality and reliability of your internet connection. Ping, also known as Packet Internet or Inter-network Groper, is used to test the quality and connectivity between the two devices, the testing device, and the server. It helps calculate the communication latency between the originating host and the receiving destination with the help of the IP addresses of the devices.


    While Jitter is used to calculate the latency, time delay in simple words, happening between the travel of two data packets, sending from the testing device to the server, it can be caused due to routes of the Internet or internet congestion. While watching movies online, playing games, or online streaming, if you ever experienced a delay in loading, it is usually due to the Jitter.

    How To Take My Speed Test Etisalat? A Step-By-Step Guide

    Step: 01: Open The Speed Test Etisalat Tool In Your Browser

    You can simply open the tool through Google or click here.

    Step: 02: Click On The Go Button And Run Ookla Speed Test Etisalat. The Test

    After loading the Speed Test Etisalat Uae tool, you can see a ‘GO’ button in the middle of the page, as shown in the picture below. Select your internet connection and click the ‘GO’ button to run the test.

    As in the image above, the four symbols at the bottom refer to the upload speed, download speed, ping, and Jitter.

    Step: 03: Let The Test Speed Etisalat Tool Load And See The Results

    The Speed Test by Etisalat tool with take around 30 to 40 seconds and will show you the results of your connections' download speed, upload speed, Jitter, and Ping calculations.


    By these results, you can determine whether you are getting the right amount of internet MBs from your ISP or is there any other problem with your Etisalat connection.

    However, if your internet connection's MBs are relatively low, you can consult your ISP for it. But, if the MBs and speed are correct and your Internet is still slow, then two significant factors can affect your internet connectivity. So, have a look at them too!

    1. Time Of The Day

    2. This is the secret factor that your Broadband Speed Test Etisalat Ae will never show you. The time duration of the day dramatically affects your internet speed. Many people use the same internet connection from the same ISP in the evening of the day, which develops pressure on it, eventually becoming slow. Similarly, the Internet becomes weak and slow on weekends.

    3. Wired Or Wireless Internet Connection

    4. The wired Internet is relatively more substantial than the wireless Internet. If you want accurate Etisalat Speed Test Ookla results, connect your device directly to the router/modem. And if not, put your device as close to the connection device. Moreover, in wireless internet connection, there are multiple barriers and resistances.

    Speed Test Etisalat Ookla: Wrapping Up

    Checking your internet speed regularly is a practice that will help you make your online classes smooth and download your favorite movies quickly. Moreover, taking the Etisalat connection test is easy and quick; it can accurately calculate your internet speed and quality within seconds.

    So, why struggle with slow Internet and dropping signals when you can test your internets' connectivity and troubleshoot the problem? Get your Ethisata test now!

Download/Upload Speed

Speed Comparison

Averages Calculated Daily

Latest 20 Speed Tests

DATE Country Latency (ms) Jitter (ms) Download Speed (Kbps) Upload Speed (Kbps)
2022-07-06 United Arab Emirates 6 2 194325 72166
2022-01-24 United Arab Emirates 3 2 221323 124471
2022-01-24 United Arab Emirates 129 26 141869 79950
2022-01-23 United Arab Emirates 7 2 373949 208679
2022-01-23 United Arab Emirates 7 2 443548 208024
2022-01-23 United Arab Emirates 6 4 64132 59000
2022-01-23 United Arab Emirates 2 3 38677 38480
2022-01-23 United Arab Emirates 2 2 38682 40488
2022-01-23 United Arab Emirates 8 0 235068 96135
2022-01-23 United Arab Emirates 4 2 11915 7177
2022-01-22 United Arab Emirates 3 2 42522 48466
2022-01-22 United Arab Emirates 7 3 36401 36425
2022-01-22 United Arab Emirates 11 90 21839 20911
2022-01-22 United Arab Emirates 4 2 84512 205528
2022-01-22 United Arab Emirates 4 2 71521 202377
2022-01-22 United Arab Emirates 8 1 23591 6776
2022-01-22 United Arab Emirates 4 1 53666 50076
2022-01-22 United Arab Emirates 6 1 89312 73397
2022-01-22 United Arab Emirates 4 1 31955 17495
2022-01-21 United Arab Emirates 9 41 19332 24602
2022-01-21 United Arab Emirates 30 30 12107 25577

Fastest Cities for Etisalat

City Avg Download Speed (Mbps) Avg Upload Speed (Mbps) Avg Ping (ms)
Kalba 791 224 1
Dibba Al-Hisn 498 94 0
Ghayathi 390 182 1
Badiyah 243 70 11
Al Qimi 217 105 34
Qusaydat 213 100 30
Ar Rashidiyah 209 120 4
Al Fujairah City 205 79 7
Al Hamriyah 202 101 29
Al Qusays 188 129 4
Mirdif 175 96 2
Ar Ruways 168 60 12
Al Mataf 164 118 5
Al Fisht 162 47 3
Al Qawz 162 44 25
Ras al Khor 160 52 3
Abu Dhabi 157 83 16
Sharjah 156 63 5
Muwafjah 155 122 5
Layyah 155 63 4