• Average results for PLDT
    67.55 Mb/s Download Speed
    74.66 Mb/s Upload Speed
    4220.66 ms Ping Latency
  • A 3 Steps Deep Dive Into PLDT Speed Test

    Lagging internet but a bundle of tasks, assignments, and pending office work surely add more to increase your stress. However, experiencing slow internet speed might be caused due to various factors and reasons.

    And to eliminate those trouble-causing factors, you'll need to find an easy-to-operate internet speed test that helps you provide clear, numbered results of your current internet status.

    Moreover, in this article, we have coined three basic steps to use an authentic PLDT speed test tool, its description, and factors that affect PLDT internet speed. Therefore, give this article a thorough read to solve your slow PLDT internet speed.

    Internet Speed: What You Need To Know

    Internet speed provides you an idea about your entered information or data to search from worldwide websites and receive respective information.

    The duration a data takes to travel from your searched websites to your home device is internet speed. This speed is measured in Mbps (megabits per second).

    Moreover, the internet speed might be affected by various factors (we will discuss this later) and thus determine whether you receive a good internet speed or not.

    PLDT: A Quick Rundown

    Before diving into PLDT speed test understanding, knowing the PLDT background is as important as other factors. Therefore, PLDT refers to the Philippine Long Distance Telephone, a company that offers one of the best internet and telecommunications services throughout the Philippines and other parts of the world. Since 28 November 1928, they have been providing the following services;

    • Wireless broadband
    • Data
    • Cellular communication
    • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed-line
    • Long-distance networks
    • Local exchange

    What is PLDT Internet Speed?

    As the name suggests, provision or supply of internet through PLDT broadband refers to the PLDT internet, and the duration it takes to process your information is called PLDT internet speed.

    Moreover, the PLDT internet speed can be measured by different tools that provide a quick idea about your current internet speed.

    PLDT Internet Speed Test

    The PLDT test speed is one of the easiest ways to test your PLDT speed. In other words, this speed test specifically measures the duration of data transfer through PLDT broadband.

    Using the internet speed test PLDT, you can find internet connection issues, such as if your ISP supplies the right amount of internet Mbps following your purchased internet plan.

    Speed test internet PLDT measures download speed, upload speed, ping, and jitter. It helps you understand your Wi-Fi speed, PLDT internet supply, and device compatibility.

    PLDT Internet Speed Test Tool

    In order to get a speed test PLDT, myspeedcheck offers a free online tool to check your PLDT internet speed. You just need to follow the mentioned steps to get authentic, accurate, and reliable PLDT test speed results.

    1. Click to open the myspeedcheck PLDT speed test tool. You will find a 'GO' button at the center of the website page.
    2. PLDT_Speed_Test

    3. Now press the 'GO' button and wait for a few seconds until the test runs. It will evaluate download speed, ping, jitter, and upload speed, respectively.
    4. After loading the speed test, the Wi-Fi PLDT tool will show your internet speed along with the mentioned details as given in the picture below.
    5. PLDT_Speed_Test_1.

    Factors That Affect PLDT Speed Test

    As we discussed at the start, a few things highly impact the working of the internet and your speed test results. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate and check the following factors before you take the Wi-Fi speed test PLDT fiber;

    • Broadband network/data technology
    • Updated device/wireless gateway technology version
    • Many devices connected to a single router
    • Location of the router (make sure you place it in the center)
    • Efficient and updated operating systems
    • High-quality network equipment (for example, optic fiber cables)

    FAQs: Get Quick Solution to Your Queries

    Why is PLDT so slow now?

    The primary reason for slow PLDT internet is excessive demand within the country as well as outside the Philippines. The PLDT works as the major and only source of internet within the country. And while distributing the services worldwide impacted its internet services.

    Why is PLDT Wi-Fi slow?

    Your PLDT Wi-Fi might be slow for various reasons (find factors that affect internet speed). However, if your PLDT is not working to its full potential, or you're experiencing inconsistent internet signals, you might need to restart your router at first. Afterward, if your internet still lags, you can reset your router for a quick solution.

    What is the Mbps of PLDT FIBR?

    PLDT offers high internet speeds to users. Usually, its FIBR internet plans come with a rate of more than 600 Mbps.

    How can I increase my PLDT Home FIBR?

    If you are experiencing low PLDT internet speed and want to boost your Mbps, you simply need to practice the following things;

    • Check your PLDT FIBR Speed Test.
    • Ensure your band connection is above 2.5 GHz, which is 5 GHz.
    • Install your router at the center of your home.
    • Update your Wi-Fi connection to Wi-Fi 6 (the latest version).
    • Find the least loaded channel.
    • Restrict all the extra devices from using your Wi-Fi PLDT.
    • You can also upgrade your gateway or use boosting extenders.

    Is PLDT FIBR reliable?

    You'll be surprised knowing that PLDT FIBR internet connections are way more reliable than DSL. Even regular fiber internet connections give a limited amount of internet supply. However, PLDT FIBR offers increased internet speeds by around 90% compared to other sources.

    What type of internet connection is PLDT?

    Either PLDT home FIBR or common DSL internet connections are reliable and offer long-term better processing speeds. PLDT uses optic fiber (the latest connection technology that provides uninterrupted and smooth internet signals).

    Moreover, their FIBR plans supply light internet signals through glass wires. Therefore, you receive high quality and increased internet speed up to 600 Mbps or 1 Gbps.

    Wrapping Up

    Continuously dropping internet signals or slow internet is equivalent to a desert drive. No matter what you want to download or upload something, live video or game streaming, or trying to call your family members, slow internet becomes a curse.

    Therefore, by taking the speed test PLDT through the PLDT speed test tool, you'll be able to get instant insights about your internet speed status and thus, fix the problems and enjoy a better online experience.

Download/Upload Speed

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Latest 20 Speed Tests

DATE Country Latency (ms) Jitter (ms) Download Speed (Kbps) Upload Speed (Kbps)
2022-06-28 Philippines 7 2 47126 48811
2022-06-21 Philippines 6 2 47032 48759
2022-06-18 Philippines 2 1 200964 283322
2022-01-25 Philippines 11 7 6126 22226
2022-01-24 Philippines 4 12 311763 314929
2022-01-24 Philippines 2 1 56624 87578
2022-01-24 Philippines 3 2 2556 20192
2022-01-24 Philippines 9 2 52862 49992
2022-01-24 Philippines 12 2 220779 166658
2022-01-24 Philippines 11 2 221036 188836
2022-01-24 Philippines 12 17 175454 205202
2022-01-24 Philippines 4 2 23383 15912
2022-01-24 Philippines 4 6 27633 16712
2022-01-24 Philippines 3 1 40573 43637
2022-01-24 Philippines 286 65 5123 41558
2022-01-24 Philippines 159 71 2730 40514
2022-01-24 Philippines 4 2 26998 27041
2022-01-24 Philippines 15 1 50465 47174
2022-01-24 Philippines 4 4 27149 26873
2022-01-24 Philippines 14 5 46997 49388
2022-01-24 Philippines 2 45 6276 8441

Fastest Cities for PLDT

City Avg Download Speed (Mbps) Avg Upload Speed (Mbps) Avg Ping (ms)
Solana 434 141 0
Lila 397 454 1
Bil-isan 383 479 1
Talamban 302 342 0
Dagatan 294 292 0
Badbad 273 321 0
Bagombong 266 183 6
Apo 259 777 0
Tanay 250 262 4
Bachawan 247 291 1
Province of North Cotabato 242 95 2
Tucuran 229 140 4
Ozamiz 217 228 7
Dalig 214 48 1
Lagangilang 208 186 2
Guadalupe 203 206 2
Camachiles 201 47 2
Tungawan 201 191 2
Pantok 198 197 0
Matanao 198 199 0