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  • Telstra Speed Test: A Basic Guide To Testing Your Internets' Speed And Quality

    Are you conducting an online session and facing audio problems and signals dropping continuously? Or you might be a freelancer or remote employee and unable to peacefully attend the online meeting due to a weak internet connection.

    Whatever the reason is, we all stand on the fact that the slow internet in this era of massive digitalization is a major curse.

    However, you don't have to keep struggling because getting a single Telstra Internet speed test not only provides you with the reason behind weak internet but a clear and thorough image of your connections' speed and quality.

    Still confused? No worries! Let's dig a little deeper into the details of the Telstra Broadband Speed Test and how it impacts your devices' internet connectivity. So, without any further discussion, let's get started!

    Internet Speed Test Telstra - A Basic Concept

    Telstra Speed Test is the easiest and quickest way to test how fast your internet works. It includes multiple tests meant to measure the speed and quality of your internet connection through different aspects.

    By getting this test, you can determine the amount of internet MBs you are getting from your ISP and the cause behind slow internet and weak signals. With the help of the Telstra Speed Test, you can figure out the cause of such a troubling internet connection and troubleshoot the problem.

    The Telstra internet speed test includes the following four tests;

    • Download speed test
    • Upload speed test
    • Ping
    • Jitter

    Let's discuss them in little detail!

    Download Speed Test

    This test in the Telstra Wi-Fi speed test tool refers to calculating how fast your internet can download files from the server. IT begins by locating a test server nearer to your location and connecting your device. Then small data files are downloaded from the server to your device, measuring the time your connection takes to complete the download. After completion, the result is shown in internet figures, measured in seconds.

    Upload Speed Test

    The upload speed test measures your internet connection speed to upload files from your device to the internet. Like a download speed test, it begins by locating and connecting the testing device to the nearest server. Small data files from your device will be uploaded to the test server.

    At the same time, the tool will measure the time your internet connection takes to complete the task. Once the test is completed, the result will be shown as data figures, calculated in seconds.


    Ping is meant to determine the quality standards of your internet connection between two devices, probably your device and the test server.

    It checks the availability of the host (destination of the senders' data) and how much time is required for an internet connection to send and receive a data package from the host. Ping response time takes place by the IP addresses of the testing devices.


    The variations and delays between the sending and receiving the data through the internet connection are called Jitter. It can be caused due to internet congestion, extreme climatic conditions, or problems with the server.

    It is a significant factor in determining the quality of your internet connection, especially for real-time internet quality for live-streaming games and watching movies online.

    Why Should I Check Internet Speed Telstra Of My Connection?

    The most substantial reason for getting a speed test Telstra is to determine the service quality of your ISP. The tool downloading and uploading speed tests help you know whether you are getting the right amount of data you paid for.

    A Speedtest Telstra can give you a thorough report on what applications and software your internet connection is capable of working with and do you really need to upgrade your internet plan or if the current package is enough for your need.

    Also, with the help of Telstra test speed, you will know whether your connection is fine or requires a new ISP. Because if you are getting the right amount of data with a lot of Jitter and late Ping responses, the dropping and weak signals remain the same. So, if the resulting figure of your tests is not acceptable, it is time to change your ISP services.

    How To Check My Internet Speed Telstra?

    Getting an internet test speed for your Telstra connection is easy and takes no time. Just follow the below easy step-by-step guide and check the internet speed of Telstra on your device.

    1. Open The Telstra Speed Test Tool On Your Device:

    If you have any applications, software, or games running in the background or have other tabs open in your window, close them. Open the Telstra speed test tool in your browser by Google or by clicking here.

    2. Run The Internet Speed Test Tool

    You can observe a "Go" button in the center of the page, as in the image below. Click on it and run the tool.

    telstra speed

    The four symbols at the bottom of the button in the image below refer to the internet connection's upload speed, download speed, ping, and Jitter.

    3. See The Speed And Quality Of Your Telstra Internet Connection

    Now, let the tool load, and after a few seconds, your result will start to appear one by one, starting from Ping and Jitter and ending at the upload speed test. Moreover, you can also determine the IP address of your device with this tool.

    telstra speedcheck

    Practices To Do Before Taking Telstra Speed Test

    1. Close all the software, applications, and tabs open in the background.
    2. Disconnect all other devices connected to the same internet connection to avoid router trafficking or internet congestion.
    3. Place your testing device nearer the router/modem to get full signals.
    4. Restart your modem/router device for full functionality.
    5. Restart your device once your internet speed is significantly impacted by your device's hardware.

    Wrapping Up

    Getting an internet speed test often is good, not only for your network's speed and quality, but to know the trends of your internet connection.

    Therefore, if you feel like your internet is working slower than usual, or you are experiencing trouble connecting and cannot figure out the cause.

    You can get to the speed checking tool and test your internet quality, figure out the trouble-causing factor and fix it up.

    Get Your Telstra Speed Test Now!