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  • WOW Speed Test

    WOW internet speed test is a valuable tool designed to assess and measure the speed of your internet connection. Whether you're troubleshooting slow connections or just curious about your current speeds, this tool provides accurate and real-time insights into your download, upload, and ping speeds.

  • Are you struggling with the live-streaming of your gameplay on YouTube due to continuously dropping signals? Or downloading a movie on your laptop takes a lot more time than average, and you cannot figure out the reason. Whatever the cause is, there is nothing a bigger curse than slow and weak internet.

    Whether it is the dishonesty of your connection ISP or your device's inefficient hardware, the reasons behind slow and dropping internet signals are various. And your struggle multiplies if you don't seek an effective and quick solution.

    Now you might be thinking about the solution, right? See, we can read your thoughts! (jokes apart)

    Getting a quick WOW Internet speed test is the ultimate solution to your weak internet connection. Confused? No worries, keep reading and let the magic unfold itself.

    WOWway Internet Speed Test An Ultimate Solution To Your Slow Internet Connection!

    WOW Speed Test is a quick and reliable way of testing your internet connection speed as well as quality. Its tool, consisting of quick multiple tests, measures the maximum downloading and uploading speed and the trouble-causing factors that can weaken your signal strength.

    Getting a WOWay speedtest is relatively easy and takes around 2 to 3 minutes to show results. Involving a testing server and small data files, this tool can help you know the amount of data you are getting from your ISP.

    A WOWway Custom Speedtest tool involves running the following four multiple small tests. Let's have a look at them one by one

    • Download speed test
    • Upload speed test
    • Ping
    • Jitter

    Download Speed Test

    It measures the maximum downloading speed of your internet connection. It begins by locating a testing server nearer to your device location and then connecting to it. Then the WOW Way speed test tool downloads small data chunks from the server to your device.

    At the same time, it measures the time the internet takes to download these small data to your device in seconds. When the test is completed, the tool takes a few seconds and shows the final result.

    Upload Speed Test

    The upload speed test of the WOWay speed test is similar to the download speed test with only one difference; it measures the maximum uploading speed of the internet connection. It begins by locating and connecting to a comparative testing server and then uploading small data chunks from the testing device to the server.

    Meanwhile, it measures the time your internet connection takes to complete the uploading action. After completion, the tool takes a few seconds and shows the results, measured in seconds.


    The ping test in the Speed Test WOW tool is a quality-checking test of your internet connection. In it, the tool sends a signal to the destination, that is, the testing server, in this case, to check its availability.

    When the host availability is confirmed by sending back a response to the testing device, the tool measures the time taken to receive the response and figures out the qualitative aspects of the connection.


    If you ever faced delays loading the movie or receiving voice messages on online applications, they are primarily due to Jitter in the internet connection. The Jitter measures the time taken by a data packet to travel across a connection between your device and its destined host.

    Jitter can be caused due to digital traffic or weak internet signals. Similar to the Ping test, it is also meant to calculate the qualitative aspects of the internet connection.

    How to Take a Speed Test WOWway for Your Internet Connection? A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

    Getting a WOW Speedtest to test the speed and quality of your internet connection is quite simple and would take a few minutes. Follow the below step-by-step guide

    Step 1:Open the Speedtest WOWway Tool in Your Browser

    If you are using any other applications in the background connected to the internet, close them all. Shut all other tabs of your browser and open the Internet Speed Test WOW tool in your browser.

    Step 2:Run the Speedtest WOW Tool

    After opening the tool, you can observe a bid "GO" button in the center of the page. Click on it and run the tool.

    The four symbols at the bottom of the button represent Ping, Jitter, Download speed test, and Upload speed test.

    Step 3:Get The Results

    After running the test, the internet speed test tool will take a few minutes per test to complete and then start showing the results one by one, beginning from Ping, Jitter, Download speed, and finally upload speed. And this is how simple getting a WOWway speed test is. A few clicks and minutes can help you determine the reliable internet speed and quality of your internet connection.

    What to Do Before Getting a WOW Internet Speed Test?

    If you want accurate and reliable results about your internet connection speed and quality, certain practices can help you get them. Follow the below guide and then get a quick WOW speed test on your device.

    • Disconnect all other devices that are connected to the same internet connection as it contributes to network congestion. So, disconnecting them all will provide you with solid and full-strength signals.
    • Restart your router/modem device before getting the speed test. Sometimes, the router/modem device, if working for a long time continuously, faces congestion due to which the internet slows, and the signals weaken. So, restarting your connection device is like refreshing it to work to its full potential.
    • Restart your testing device, especially if you are taking the test on a laptop or computer, as the hardware and Wifi card of the device directly and significantly affect the internet speed.
    • Place your testing device nearer to the router/modem device. If your signal strength is not strong enough, you won't have accurate speed and quality results from the tool.

    When you have done all the steps then measure your speed again to check the quality of your internet.

    WOW! Customer Service Contact Information:

    If you need help with WOW! services, you can contact their customer service in two ways.

    • Contact No: 1-866-496-9669

    If you prefer online help, visit WOW! Contact Us to chat with their agents.

    • Link:


    What should my WOW speed be?

    The WOW net speed will depend on the internet package plan that you bought. WOW Internet offers different speed tiers, ranging from basic plans to higher speed options up to 100 Gbps.

    What is the fastest internet from WOW?

    WOW, is the fastest internet plan of the gig internet, which offers download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps.

    How fast is WOW Internet 500?

    The WOW Internet 500 plan should provide download speeds of up to 500 Mbps, allowing for fast and reliable internet connectivity.

    Wrapping Up

    Getting a WOWway internet speed test by its tool is the easiest and quickest way of checking how fast your internet connection works, along with its qualitative aspects. Within a few clicks, you can not only determine if your ISP is providing you the promised internet speed but can troubleshoot the reasons behind your slow and weak internet connection.

    Check Your WOW Internet Speed Now!

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