• Average results for Xfinity Internet
    156.13 Mb/s Download Speed
    13.27 Mb/s Upload Speed
    20.73 ms Ping Latency
  • What is Xfinity?

    Xfinity is the largest Internet service provider in the United States. It is a subsidiary brand of Comcast. Comcast founded in the mid-1960s and provided the cable television services initially to its customers, and the user base increased to tens of millions of customers in a few years all over the US. In the '90s, Comcast started offering Internet services to its users which resulted in increased market share to almost 40% of the whole US Internet market.

    Xfinity formed in 2010 by Comcast, and the reason for its formation was that the Comcast company was initially set up to offer the cable services and television, and wireless services. The marketing team felt uncomfortable with attaching each new facility to Comcast brand and striving to keep it narrow-focused on what it was meant to be. Therefore, Xfinity explicitly launched for providing Internet services, TV, and wireless services. Hence, the Comcast television was named Xfinity TV, Comcast High-Speed Internet was named Xfinity Internet. Today, people majorly knows Xfinity, and fewer people know that both the brands owned by the same Company.

    What is Internet Speed Test?

    The Internet speed test truly checks the actual Internet connection speed of your Internet. The Broadband speed is measured by checking download speed as well as the upload speed. A slow Internet means that web browsing is affected as well as the downloading of data is affected. The upload speed is always less than the download speed in most cases under most ISPs. It is because the download speed is needed by most of the consumers, especially the home consumers. Because home consumers use Internet majorly for browsing the web and downloading the files from the Internet. Upload speed is required by those consumers who want to upload a vast amount of data to the Internet.

    About Xfinity Speed Test

    Xfinity Internet is the largest ISP of the USA with near about 40% Internet market share and holds 4th place where it comes to the quality of signals and coverage. The higher speeds and reliable service is what the company promises to give to its consumers.

    No doubt, how better the company providers internet, still there are chances of the slow Internet to some consumers and not others. No company can claim to provide 100% reliability and availability of the Internet. Because chances exist for the broken or slow Internet which is occurred due to various variable factors involved in such cases.

    The Xfinity speed test tool determines your Xfinity Internet Broadband Speed by calculating the time taken for each byte to travel from your computer to the remote server, and from a remote server to your computer. The rate at which your Internet downloads file or data from the Internet to your machine is called Download Speed. And Upload speed is the rate at which a file or data is uploaded from your device to the Internet.

    How to Test My Internet Speed?

    To check your Internet Speed, click the "Start" button above and the test will start instantly. Various tests performed for checking overall Internet performance. The jitter, latency, download speed, upload speed, ping are some of the variables checked regarding your Internet connection. These variables, once calculated, are piled up to calculate your overall Internet performance.

    The reason for slow Internet connection depends on multiple factors. The quality of cables used for supplying the link to your home or office, the weather conditions, heavy-duty electricity cables outside your premises, and more. All these factors count for your Internet performance.

    What does the Speed Test do?

    The speed test service is 100% free, and it does various tests for checking your internet connection performance. It uses your Internet to send random bytes to the nearest server and receives random bytes from the same server to check download and upload speeds. Before starting the speed test, please close all applications which are using your Internet. Because a real Internet speed test is possible only when your Internet is fully available to our speed test tool. And no other program is consuming the speed.

    Who Conducts this Speed Test?

    This speed test tool is not affiliated with and does not belong to Xfinity Internet or Comcast, and is provided by a third-party company named "Ookla."

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Latest 20 Speed Tests

DATE Country Latency (ms) Jitter (ms) Download Speed (Kbps) Upload Speed (Kbps)
2019-12-04 United States 107 640 523 6003
2019-12-04 United States 12 2646 310 6016
2019-12-04 United States 10 597 202777 5989
2019-12-04 United States 11 2534 204243 5990
2019-12-04 United States 11 3275 85465 5997
2019-12-04 United States 32 1 176831 42048
2019-12-04 United States 9 2399 130559 6003
2019-12-04 United States 10 2980 200105 6016
2019-12-04 United States 10 1628 208859 6003
2019-12-04 United States 20 1321 40908 5990
2019-12-04 United States 11 915 393 6003
2019-12-04 United States 9 1558 365 5989
2019-12-04 United States 10 1009 209132 6029
2019-12-04 United States 22 1568 802 6003
2019-12-04 United States 23 686 196816 5990
2019-12-04 United States 16 1187 187671 5988
2019-12-04 United States 353 1868 207111 6003
2019-12-04 United States 34 1528 202484 6016
2019-12-04 United States 19 3 39247 11928
2019-12-04 United States 16 20 98159 4755
2019-12-04 United States 8 3 219692 17118

Fastest Cities for Xfinity Internet

City Avg Download Speed (Mbps) Avg Upload Speed (Mbps) Avg Ping (ms)
Rainier 928 41 2
Charlestown 906 40 1
Hillsboro 901 41 1
Tracyton 895 40 1
Narberth 890 41 4
Halethorpe 713 31 26
Elizabeth 708 41 6
Hartford 703 37 4
Sperryville 699 41 2
Wilton 698 41 2
Stone Mountain 676 23 2
Smartsville 673 32 2
Pottstown 666 29 6
Colonial Heights 666 41 4
Channahon 655 34 3
DuBois 646 27 3
Finksburg 642 25 2
Henniker 608 40 3
Epping 603 29 3
Milford Square 588 36 3