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  • Average results for Zoom Internet
    127.35 Mb/s Download Speed
    26.84 Mb/s Upload Speed
    3664.32 ms Ping Latency
  • Zoom Internet Speed Test: What It Is And How It Works?

    Are you unable to download a single PDF document due to weak internet signals? Or is your installation of apps from the play store taking a lot of time? Or maybe your connection to your online class is dropping continuously.

    There is only one cause, "slow internet speed," whatever the scenario is. Although you paid for a high MBs package and according to your ISP, your internet must not have weak or dropping signals. But, it is not working properly.

    So, in such cases, troubleshooting the problems is necessary to know whether the router device is the problem, internet speed is the issue or connection trouble with the devices.

    And this is exactly where the Zoom internet speed test jumps in and shows its magic. So, if you want to know the basic concept and role of the Zoom internet speed test in our internet connections, give this article a thorough read till the end.

    What Is Zoom Internet Speed Test?

    Whether you have a zoom broadband internet connection or any other ISP's connection, getting a regular internet speed test is mandatory. To know the amount of internet MBs you are getting from your ISPs and the cause behind your slow internet speed test.

    The Zoom internet speed test tools provide various tests that affect your internet speed, like download internet speed, upload internet speed, jitter, and Ping. Let's move forward and see how does Zoom internet speed test takes place.

    How Is The Internet Speed Tested With Zoom Internet Speed Tool?

    Zoom is one of the leading and most powerful internet broadband connections among users. It provides great internet speed for live-streaming games, online classes, interviews, fast installing the apps from the play store, and chatting with your loved ones.

    But, if the internet is slow due to device problems or weak signals, a speed test can help you determine the real cause and fix it. Let's see how this Zoom broadband internet speed test tool works!

    Let's deal with the two major internet speed test components: download and upload internet tests.

    Download Internet Speed Test

    When you click on the "Go" button, the internet speed test starts with connecting your device to the nearest server available in your location.

    Then, the device downloads small data files from the server to the device. Meanwhile, the speed tool calculates the speed of the files documented and the time required for the download.

    After a few seconds, the Zoom broadband internet speed test results show the measurements in seconds.

    Upload Internet Speed Test

    The upload internet speed test is similar to the downloading internet test, but the only difference is uploading the files from the device to the server. It started with connecting to the server nearer to your device's location.

    After connecting successfully, the device uploads small files to the server. Meanwhile, the tool calculates the time to upload the files, the same as the download speed test.

    The uploading internet speed test comes with the download internet speed test.

    How To Take a Zoom Broadband Internet Speed Test For Your Internet Connection - A Step By Step Guide

    So, without any further ado, let's jump straight to the guide to testing your zoom broadband internet speed, so you can easily get a test, troubleshoot your connectivity problem, and fix it.

    Step: 01: Open a new tab and go to the URL of the Zoom broadband speed test tool. You can also get to the tool directly by clicking here.

    Step:02: After loading the page, click on the "Go" button.

    Step: 03: After running the test, wait for a few seconds until the test is completely loaded and the results are shown.

    Step: 04: Now, after loading, you can view the ping speed and Jitter speed, download the internet speed test and upload the internet speed test with the help of the Zoom broadband internet speed test tool.

    How To Get The Correct Internet Speed Test Measurements?

    Using a tool to test your internet speed test doesn't ensure you correct speed measurements unless you take certain steps regarding your laptop, computer, phone, tablets, other devices, and your internet connectivity device (router).

    So, below are some of the tips and tricks that can help you in getting the accurate Zoom broadband internet speed test:

    1. If you have multiple devices connected to your Wireless or Wired connection, disconnect all of them except the device you are using for the internet speed test.
    2. If you are using an online application in the background of your device, close it and reopen it after taking the test.
    3. Restart the device on which you are taking the speed test. The accuracy of the downloading and uploading internet speed has a lot to do with the devices' hardware.
    4. Whether it is the first time you are taking the internet speed test or testing multiple times in a row, clear the browser's cache history. You won't get accurate calculations if the files exist on your device due to previous downloading and uploading tests.
    5. If you have a wired connection or using wireless internet, restart the router in both cases to have the router in fully-functioning condition.
    6. Don't take the internet speed test at the wrong time of the day. On Saturday nights and Sunday evenings, when every person is watching youtube or live-streaming games, your internet is supposed to be slow due to heavy traffic. And, of course, your ISP is not responsible for the internet traffic.
    7. Don't test your Zoom broadband internet speed while using the VPN. It can slow your internet and show your incorrect calculation, except you specifically want to see how fast VPN internet is working.

    Wrapping Up

    Getting a Zoom broadband internet speed test has become easy and quick using the speed testing tool. It is simple to run and gives accurate results if you follow the steps correctly and take all the necessary measures before taking the speed test.

    So, click and get a zoom internet speed test for your connection to know the reason behind slow internet. And instantly fix it up to enjoy fast and uninterrupted internet.

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Latest 20 Speed Tests

DATE Country Latency (ms) Jitter (ms) Download Speed (Kbps) Upload Speed (Kbps)
2022-07-09 United States 10 48 67404 4951
2022-07-08 United States 15 19 70005 9829
2022-07-08 United States 16 4 328771 21020
2022-07-08 United States 8 1 332172 21111
2022-07-08 United States 17 3 263143 19889
2022-07-07 United States 8 3 166230 11070
2022-07-07 United States 8 2 165699 11060
2022-07-07 United States 10 7 37379 10931
2022-07-07 United States 24 4 55052 20589
2022-07-05 United States 8 2 421961 18902
2022-07-05 United States 8 1 165393 11049
2022-07-05 United States 11 2 165482 11050
2022-07-01 United States 8 3 27426 3280
2022-07-01 United States 20 16 64802 11036
2022-06-30 United States 14 6 28908 8022
2022-06-29 United States 9 3 180349 20912
2022-06-27 United States 10 3 227602 18638
2022-06-25 United States 2 1 101680 89764
2022-06-22 United States 10 3 181278 20096
2022-06-21 United States 11 10 68648 10984
2022-06-21 United States 8 102 2046 14264

Fastest Cities for Zoom Internet

City Avg Download Speed (Mbps) Avg Upload Speed (Mbps) Avg Ping (ms)
Pittsburgh 748 593 2
Gifford 457 877 3
Creighton 365 25 3
Dallas 344 268 1
Jeromesville 326 21 3
Spurlockville 310 27 3
Thomasville 306 21 8
Freeport 298 14 17
Foxburg 297 25 0
Glendale 292 27 24
New Kensington 290 27 3
Chippewa Lake 289 20 4
Brogue 285 21 4
Lorain 283 391 2
Akron 268 14 4
Avella 265 20 6
Garrettsville 240 20 4
Campbell 236 13 11
Winona 222 182 1
Summerfield 222 191 1